Kellie White - Queensland, Australia

Danielle Wicks has been fundamental in changing the way I look at life.  I used to buy items because I thought they were healthy as it said so on the packaging, I now KNOW what is healthy and good for me and my family and I have to say it feels amazing!

I now check lists of ingredients for both food & beauty products looking for sugar, preservatives, fillers and numbers and try to buy organic when possible. I have also learnt the alternatives in cooking, what to substitute so that my meals are healthier without being any more difficult.  I love the awesome yummy recipes, the fantastic advice exactly when I’ve needed it and of course the amazing benefits of weight loss, clearer skin, way more energy and lighter periods (who wouldn't want that?). I will definitely be referring to Danielle Wicks for anything health and purpose related for not only myself but also my kids for many years to come. Thanks so much Danielle.

Kellie White,  Mum to twin girls.

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